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Know Your Christmas Shopping Rights…

December 5th 2013
By: Melanie
Know Your Christmas Shopping Rights…

This time of year people in the UK will be spending more money in shops and on-line than at any other time of year. So we have put together a check-list of your shopping rights this Christmas:

Buying gifts on the high street:

When you buy an item from a shop you are entering into a consumer agreement with the seller, if the product or item is faulty you will be entitled to a full refund without a receipt.

If you have purchased an item from a shop and just change your mind about it, you do not have the legal right to return the goods. However in most cases many shops have a limited day return policy, which will enable you to take the back the item and get a full refund or a credit note.  

Shops that allow you to return goods if you change your mind will give a time limit for when you can do this, often 30 days. Sometimes shops will only let you exchange the goods for something else in their store, rather than giving you a refund, or they may give you a credit note or voucher to use in their shop for a later date.

Using a credit card to pay for your purchases will give you extra protection. An item which costs more than £100 but less than £30,000, will mean that the credit card issuer as well as the supplier will be liable if something goes wrong. This is the same when you buy on-line too. 

Proof of purchase- In most cases you will need to keep your receipts as a proof of purchase, it will also have the date of when you bought your item, which might help you to get a full refund.

On-line Christmas shopping:

One of the great things about shopping on-line is that you get more rights than buying in a high street shop.

In most cases you will get an extra seven days to change your mind on a purchase if you shop on-line, enabling you to get a full refund.

However this does not apply to DVD’s, music or computer software, once you have opened the packaging you will not receive a refund. Food, made-to-measure items and jewelry are also non-refundable.

Just because you order an item for Christmas does not mean that if it arrives late you will get a full refund, unless they have promised it will arrive before Christmas and you have this in writing.