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Keeping your home secure this bank holiday weekend

August 24th 2017
By: Melanie
Keeping your home secure this bank holiday weekend

If you are planning on going away this bank holiday weekend then you will need to make sure you keep your home secure and not just from burglaries, so here are a few tips:

• First of all unplug any unnecessary electrical appliances.

• Turn off the water at the stop cock. 

• Make sure any valuables such as large plasma TV’s, computers and so fourth are out of sight of the windows. 

• If you have a heating thermostat turn this down to 15 degrees. 

• Let your neighbour know that you are going away and ask them to keep an eye on your house - and give them your mobile number just incase. 

• Programme a light to come on in the evening. 

• Fit an outside security light to the back of the property. 

• Keep the radio on, so that a potential burglar will think there is someone at home. 

•  Secure all of your windows with locks, lock any side gates and garages. Double lock any external doors. Update locks if necessary. 

•  Don’t post any pics or updates on SM about being away. Alway post pictures when you are back home.

•  Tell as fewer people as possible that you are going away. 

•  Make sure that your home insurance is kept up to date - this includes making sure that you let them know what locks your property has, how many bedrooms and any special items which need their own insurance. 

Looking for insurance - IT’S EASY TO GET INSURED through Intercounty just contact one of Insurance Advisors on 01392 849 880^. Alternatively please complete the form and an Insurance Advisor will get in contact by following this link

^Calls may be monitored for training and compliance purposes. Intercounty Insurance Services is a trading name of First2Protect Ltd which is an Appointed Representative of First Complete Ltd.