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Keeping spiders out of your home

October 15th 2017
By: Melanie
Keeping spiders out of your home

It’s a this time of year that spiders are on mission to find warmer climbs, which usually amounts to a nicely centrally heated house so that they can lay their eggs during the winter months, so keeping this eight legged creature out of our homes can be somewhat challenging so here are few tips on how you can keep this beasty out of your home.

Nature has a way of working in unison and there is no better example of this than the happy coincidence that it’s at this time of year we have an abundance of conkers in our neighbourhoods and spiders hate conkers, so if you find the place where they are coming into your home just line your window sills with conkers and it will help to keep them at bay.

Peppermint oil can also keep spiders at bay, just soak some tissues or cloth with some and put it in a strategic place.

Vacuuming your room regularly can keep the spider population down as you can vacuum up any forming nests. For the spiders themselves it’s best to get rid of them by covering them with a glass and containing them by sliding some paper underneath and then taking them out well away from your home – if you don’t want them to return it’s not enough to just send them out of your window or door.

You can also buy a spider and insect catcher for around £13.99 which will enable you to harmlessly suck it up into the tube and then take it away from your home. If you use a normal vacuum cleaner it will most likely kill the spider or it will be able to crawl out again.

If you have any harmless techniques for keeping spiders out of your home we would love to hear from you.