Keep Safe This Fireworks Night…

November 4th 2015
By: Melanie

We will soon be celebrating bonfire night which takes place on the 5th November, for many of us we will probably be attending fireworks shows at the weekend, but if you are planning on creating your own fireworks event it’s important to make sure you follow some simpler rules to keep your family safe. So here is our guide to make sure you keep your children safe:

• Planning is key – make sure you plan your event. Take time to carefully read through the instructions on each firework before the event. Making sure that you light them at a safe distance and in a safe order.

• Always store your fireworks in a dark, secure place, away from the reach of any children. Never transport them in your pocket.

• Light your fireworks at arms length with firework lighters, which are long and burn for around 60 minutes.

• Create a fireworks zone, where an adult will light the fireworks and a spectators zone. Leaving a distance of between 5.8 or 2.5 meters between the fireworks and your audience is normally safe enough away.

• Don’t transport fireworks in your pocket

• Always use BS 7114 fireworks and buy them from a reputable dealer

Kids can have hours of fun playing with sparklers, but there are some simple rules to follow to keep them safe:

• Sparklers are not suitable for children under the age of 5

• Always make sure you supervise your children when they are holding a sparkler

• Make sure you explain to your children how to hold a sparkler correctly, at arms length with plenty of space around them and tell them where to place the dispensed sparklers

• Have a water bucket handy or a bucket full of sand where the children can put them out safely.