Keep cool this September…

September 6th 2016
By: Melanie
Keep cool this September…

It’s great to have this wave of hot weather, but it has been exceptionally humid this week and because our houses are not really geared up for extremes in weather, the heat can become slightly unbearable. By following a few simple steps you can keep you and your family cooler this week:

The best way to keep your home cool is to open up as many windows and doors as you can in the evenings and night time, obviously you can’t keep ground floor doors and windows open. Then make sure they stay closed during the daytime. It might appear cooler with the doors open but it’s just the outside air blowing the cooler air around and it will soon start to warm up your home.  Keep your curtains or blinds closed during the day to keep out as much sunlight as possible.

Use fans in your home to keep the air circulating.

If you get really hot you could take an ice pack and put it into your bed at night before you go to sleep, just remember to put it in a bag so it doesn’t leak onto your bed sheets.

Take a cold shower before you go to bed, but not so cold that it wakes you up too much and prevents you from sleeping.

Sheets made from natural products such as cotton always tend to feel cooler, so if you have any cotton sheets make sure you use these to prevent you from getting too hot.

Keep hydrated, in this hot weather you need to drink much more water, avoid alcohol as this will make you more dehydrated.