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Join In This Year’S Children’S Reading Challenge…

August 19th 2015
By: Melanie

Trying to get your child into reading on their own can be quite challenging, especially if your child doesn’t enjoy reading. Proficiency in reading clearly makes quite a difference to how much enjoyment a child will get out of a book, but with all of the latest gadgets, gizmos and the lure of the internet, trying to encourage our children to sit quietly and enjoy the pleasures of reading can be at times, a bit tricky. So when we spotted this summer’s reading challenge by ‘The Reading Agency’ - we thought it might be an excellent way to encourage the less enthusiastic reader to give it a good go.

In their first 10 years ‘The Reading Agency’ states that they have reached over 7 million children in the UK through their work with publishers and other agencies. Their aim is to get another 12 million children to read before 2018.

So if you would like your child to participate in this year’s challenge, they will need to be between the ages of 4-11 and you will have to head to your local library and ask for the competition pack. This year’s competition is based around the theme Record Breakers. In each pack your child will receive a poster and stickers to enable them to track their reading. Each time they finish a book they will be able to add a sticker to their chart, receive a reward and for all of those children who finish their challenge they will receive a certificate.

Children can read whatever they like; joke books, audio books and so forth, just as long as they borrow any material from their local library.

Not sure which books to read? Netmum’s have this great reading list for your child.