January - The Month Of New Years Resolutions And Cutting Back

December 19th 2012
By: Melanie

After the festive season most of us have found ourselves having to tighten our belts, so we have compiled a quick list of ways you can save money on food:

• Write a shopping list and stick to it to the front of your fridge, that way every time you run out of something you can add it to the list. When you go shopping stick to your list and don’t get enticed by special offers.

• Make a daily meal plan – this will help you to save money and waste.

• Use up last nights left over’s, for a tasty lunch. Or make double the quantity and freeze for next week.

• Any left over wine, pour into ice cub trays, and use individually when making a sauce.

• Lemon and limes – cut these up into portions and put any unwanted pieces into a freezer bag and pop in the freezer for next time, not only will you not be wasting any but they will also act as ice cubes.

• Buy pasta and rice in bulk, these will last much longer and it is a much cheaper way of buying store cupboard essentials.

• Use up all of your unused and left over’s in the freezer, see how many meals you can create from your freezer and cupboards, the BBC have a left over recipe page, go to