What is going on in the local market?

April 3rd 2019
By: Natasha
What is going on in the local market?

At this time of great uncertainty for the Country and the housing market, the one question on most buyers and sellers minds seems to be, is now a good time? And I guess the answer is, well that depends. It does depend on your personal circumstances and outlook because there are few bigger decisions in life than buying or selling a property but for people who want and need to buy a home as a place to live, now is always a good time.

That’s just a personal opinion, but having been in the Estate Agency business for 30 years I have seen the market go up and down a few times and then inevitably it seems to go back up and then up some more. For buyers who are prepared to stick with it for the medium to long term there seems little to fear from short term movements in the market and for buyers making a sideways move to be nearer jobs or schools the same applies.

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