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Intercounty Chelmsford's Star Cottage Featured By Sarah Beeny...

May 31st 2013
By: Melanie

Intercounty Chelmsford recently sold The Cosy Cottage in Chelmsford, previously showcased on Sarah Beeny's Channel 4 programme, 'Selling houses'.

Each week Beeny has one buyer and chooses three houses to match her buyer's requirements. She then gives the sellers advice on where they can improve their properties to increase their chance of securing a sale, the sellers then battle it out to sell their houses to the buyer. The vendors have one week to complete the work and are given a £1,000 to spend, before Beeny invites the buyer to view the three improved properties.

Mandy, the potential buyer in the Chelmsford episode, had been living in London for 10 years, and wanted to get back to her roots in the country, so chose Chelmsford as it offers beautiful countryside, a bustling city and easy commuter links in and out of the capital. Mandy armed with a budget of £250,000, was searching for a three bedroom house, with period features, large rooms, a nice kitchen and garden.

One of the three properties chosen for the buyer, was Intercounty's Cosy Cottage, on the market for £240,000, comprising of three good size bedrooms, two reception rooms, a nice kitchen and bathroom. It had been home to Maggie for 27 years, and it offered bags of character, but Beeny felt it was seriously let down by a tired downstairs bathroom. As downstairs bathrooms in general are not very popular, Beeny advised that she updated it, so that there would be only one negative rather than two, improving its chances of a sale.  She also recommended that Maggie should create an aspirational master bedroom rather than one previously stylized by her teenage son.

After completing most of the suggested changes, the buyer visited the property, and although it wasn't her favourite, a few weeks later under the instruction of Intercounty Chelmsford, Maggie was delighted to secure a sale.

If you are trying to sell a property and would like some advice on the areas that might make your property more desirable, then why not contact your local branch of Intercounty.