Intercounty Awarded The Cecil Jackson Cole Award

December 8th 2011
By: Melanie

Intercounty won The Cecil Jackson Cole Award 2011 for Corporate Responsibility today at the EAE Live Estate Agency awards. This award recognises that an estate agency has put other's needs before it's own. Intercounty were able to show that they have fully integrated their Corporate Social Responsibility into their everday business approach as well as examples of projects and strategies that have had a positive impact their chosen charity or cause.

Throughout this year Intercounty have been raising money for the homeless charity Shelter, through a series of fundraising events including sleeping rough on the streets for 24 hours. They are still trying to raise £20,000 to give to Shelter, they have currently raised nearly £4,000 on their Virgin Giving page, if you would like to donate some money please go to

Intercounty also received a prize of £1,000: £500 of which goes to the Estate Agency Foundation and £500 will be given to their charity, Shelter. This money has been very kindly donated by Estate Agency Events and Andrews Charitable Trust.