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Intercounty Awarded Silver For The Best Lettings Agency

May 30th 2012
By: Melanie
Intercounty Awarded Silver For The Best Lettings Agency

Intercounty received the Silver award for the Best Medium South East Lettings Agency, at The lettings Agency Awards 2012, last week.

We invested much time last year overhauling our branding, which has been integrated into our lettings and sales team, to offer clients a more integrated service.  

Intercounty impressed judges with its offer of dedicated contract managers for landlord clients with property maintenance or refurbishment jobs priced over £1,000, which is part of Intercounty’s investment buyer service. They were also taken back by our in-house trainer; who ensures the lettings team are fully trained and up-to-speed on industry legislation to offer clients a consistently high quality of service.

The adjudicators were moved by Intercounty’s dedicated team who manage payments, and dispute resolutions, helping to minimise tenancy arrear issues and our daily morning meetings.

Judges also praised Intercounty for allocating a certain amount of time each year for staff to be involved in community projects, this is a core part of Intercounty’s business.

Well done team, this is fantastic recognition for all the hard work we have all put in over the past few years.