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Increasing Possession Claims Reported By The Ministry Of Justice

August 14th 2014
By: Acquarone

The latest figures by The Ministry of Justice indicate that more and more landlords are going to court to regain possession of their properties. Bucking a recent consistent drop between 2002 and 2010, claims have since increased by 26% to 170,451 in 2013. Interestingly, this trend lies in contrast with the 29% decline in the number of mortgage possession claims.

Tracey Gosnell, head of property management at Intercounty adds “certainly the general feeling and industry reports are all suggesting increasing trouble with possession claims which is common across the areas that we trade in. Fortunately we are not experiencing this at Intercounty, in a large part due to the very strict referencing checks, continual monitoring and management of tenants and the addition of a specialist rent arrears and collections department . Which mean that our percentage of tenants in arrears lies at 1.3%, significantly below the 6.6% National average.”

If you would like more information about rent arrears and would like to speak to one of our property managers, please call 01279 715750.