Ice-cream pie with salty bacon - how will you be celebrating pie week 2018?

February 26th 2018
By: Melanie
Ice-cream pie with salty bacon - how will you be celebrating pie week 2018?

National pie week runs from the 5-11th of March this year, it’s a chance for all of us to celebrate all things good about making and enjoying the taste of a good pie. For all those pie connoisseurs out there it will be a busy time as they will be trying to seek out pie perfection. This pie celebration was first introduced in 2007 and has been gaining momentum ever since. 

According to research 75%* of us enjoy eating a pie at least once a month, so it’s no surprise that National Pie week is so popular. One of the latest pie recipes is the “Pork-Pie Scream” created by the UK restaurant chain Pieminister, who use only 100% free range meat. The new pie creation, available at their Brixton Market Location is a mix of soft vanilla ice-cream mixed with Bourbon maple syrup and free range bacon all served up with a waffle cone and then topped off with pork scratchings and apple sauce, it is, says co-founder Tristan Hogg: “A great combination of sweet vanilla, bourbon and maple syrup, which works brilliantly with the tart apple sauce and salty bacon.” However if you have a more conservative palette you might want to choose a more traditional recipe from their menu, which also includes Mud Pie, Apple Pie and Cherry Pie flavours.

Make your own pie

If you would like to have a go at making your own pies this year then the best way to start is to think about whether you would like to make a savoury or fruit based filling. If you would like to create a meat filled pie then make sure you cut off any excess fat as there is nothing worse than biting into a chewy meat pie. Traditional pie recipes often include chicken, beef or pork but if you would like to make a vegetarian alternative how about this Moroccan spiced pie recipe we found on the BBC Good Food website.