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How To The Save Money And Waste On Our Family Shop...

September 5th 2012
By: Melanie

A huge amount of food and drink shopping, 7.2 tonnes or £12 billion goes to waste every year in the UK. Reducing the amount we spend in a weekly shop, by creating a menu each day, could save you money and reduce food and drink waste.

According to the ‘Love Food Hate Waste website’ 3 of the top foods we waste are potatoes, bananas and apples. The company states that by understanding ‘use by dates’ also save us hundreds of pounds in food wastage.

Food labeling explained:

‘Best Before’ refers to the quality rather than the food safety.

‘Use by’ date refers to the safety, food can be eaten until this date but not after even if it looks and smells fine.

‘Display and Sell by’ – ignore these, this is for the shop keeper

If you would like to use the product after the ‘Use by’ date, just pop it in the freezer before this date.

Some food products come with a huge amount of packaging, try and make choices not only on the product itself but also on the amount of packaging it has, for example choosing a similar product with less packaging would save waste.

Try and shop locally, this way not only can you shop for fewer days in advance, limiting waste, but also you will be able to reduce your car use. Supporting independent shops in the local community will give you better choice in the long run, compared to massive chain stores, which could be argued as pushing down the quality.