How to settle into a new community

March 19th 2019
By: Melanie
How to settle into a new community

One of the most daunting things about moving into a new area is making friends, one of the quickest ways to do this is to chat to your neighbours or go to your local pub. However if you don’t live near a pub then getting involved with a volunteer community project or attending a fete could speed up the process which House Beautiful say can take up to six months to really settle into a new community. 

Here is their 20 way guide to settling into a new community:

20 best ways to settle into a new community:

    • Simply say hello to your neighbours

    • Visit the local pub

    • Take in a parcel for your neighbour

    • Make an effort to talk to everyone on the street

    • Invite neighbours round for a cup of tea

    • Volunteer for a local community project

    • Invite your neighbour round for dinner or a BBQ

    • Offer to watch a neighbour's house while away

    • Attend the local school fete

    • Put your neighbours' rubbish out

    • Get a dog

    • Compliment people on their car/garden

    • Attend all community events

    • Take a bottle of wine round to your neighbours' when you move in

    • Water your neighbours' plants when they're away

    • Spend lots of time in the front garden and chat to everyone who walks by

    • Offer to look after a neighbour's cat

    • Join a fitness class

    • Get involved with the local church

    • Attend council meetings