How To Prepare Your Home For Winter

September 23rd 2014
By: Melanie

The temperatures have fallen quite low at night this week, which means that many of us will be thinking about preparing our homes for the winter months ahead. If your time is limited to weekends then concentrate on the outside of your home first, while the weather permits.

Here is our guide on how to prepare your home for winter:

Outside your home:

* Make sure all of your homes gutters are clean of any leaves from last year
* If you have any loose fence panels now's the time to make sure they are secure
* Check the roof - if you have any tiles which have moved or a build up of moss, this is a good time to get someone in to clean it. Moss is bad for the roof as it can trap moisture and prevent it from drying out, it can also prevent water from draining away from your roof.
* Check your chimney, it's always good to look up at your chimney every now and again to make sure there is no exteria damage.
* Put away any garden furniture and BBQ's in a secure and dry place.
* Finish any exteria DIY such as filling and painting exteria doors and windows.

Inside your home:

* If you have any drafts buy some draft excluder to add to your windows and doors.
* Put up lined curtains, this will help keep the heat in at night time, and close them at dusk each night.
* Add foil to the back of your radiators, if you  have them as this will help to transmit the heat into your room
* If you have hard floors then you might be loosing quite a bit of heat through the skirting boards, so if you can put some rugs down, these will absorb the heat keeping it in your room.
* If you have an open fireplace that you don't use then you can buy a chimney balloon that you insert into the opening which stops the heat from escaping.
* If you have a fireplace or a wood burner that you are planning to use then don't forget to get it professionally cleaned.
* If you don't have double glazing then you can purchase clear film to put onto your windows which will help keep in the heat.

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