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How to make your rental property feel more like home

October 27th 2016
By: Melanie
How to make your rental property feel more like home

According to an article in This is Money, 22% of households now rent from private landlords in the UK, the PwC also predicts that by 2025 nearly 60% of 20-39 year olds in England will be renting their home, with only 26% having managed to buy a property.

One of the main disadvantages to renting is the uncertainty it can bring, whether the landlord will sell the property, or if the rental price increases whether they can still afford it.

One way to make a rental property feel more permanent is to try and put your own stamp on the property. Some landlords will be more flexible than others, but with a few clever techniques you can make your rental feel more like home.

A great way to inject a bit of your taste into a home is to decorate it, but always make sure you ask your landlord first. Invest in clever storage solutions which make your home feel less cluttered. If you still have items boxed away then make sure you find a home for them as this will make you're your home feel more permanent.

Instead of viewing a rental home as a temporary place to live think of ways in which you can invest a bit of yourself into it. A good way to change the feel of a property is to buy soft furnishings, if you don't like the current curtains, then consider changing them and storing away the current ones.

Invest in some nice furniture, you can always take this with you, like a one off piece of Ercol or up-cycle a piece of old furniture by painting it or adding some collages, what ever takes your fancy. It doesn’t have to be an expensive proposition, look out for furniture on free sites or at car boot sales.

If you want to change the look of a wall, but can’t wallpaper it, think about framing some large posters or runs of wallpaper.

If you enjoy gardening but don’t want to invest in plants you might have to leave behind then plant up some planters or handing baskets.

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