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How To Make Your Paddling Pool Child Friendly This Summer

August 14th 2012
By: Melanie

When moving into a new home many parents cover up the pond with safety fencing or remove it entirely but when considering purchasing and erecting a paddling pool we might not give it the same consideration.

It’s important to make sure a paddling pool visible, especially if your child is under four years of age, as statistically half the children who drown are aged four or under - pools come in an enormous range of sizes, some are huge, but currently there are no real safety rules in the UK concerning the safety of paddling pools or swimming pools.  

If possible you could also install and paddling pool in a fenced off area, preferable 2.2 metres in height, and when not in use it’s best to empty it.

The Health and Safety executive made this statement about the safety of paddling pools: “A paddling pool, even if shallow, involves a low but irremovable risk of drowning (even with parental supervision) but this is normally tolerable. The likelihood is typically extremely low, the hazard is readily apparent, children benefit through their enjoyment and through the learning experience of water play and finally, further reduction or management of risk is not practicable without taking away the benefits.”

Another consideration when maintaining your paddling pool is to keep the water safe, as this will prevent eye, ear and nose infections, there are various paddling pool water treatments available on the market which if used properly will ensure your child doesn’t fall ill.

And finally make sure you and your family have fun, as there are only a few weeks to go until the end of the summer holidays, and we haven’t had much sun to speak of.