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How To Make Your Home More Secure...

October 3rd 2012
By: Melanie

There are a few simple ways in which we can improve the security of our homes:
• Fit a burglar alarm - there are some really reasonably priced ones available on the market, these will act as a good deterrent, at night time you will be able to set it to activate in the rooms you do not use. It is also possible to buy a dummy burglar inexpensively.  
• Make sure all of your windows are fitted with window locks, this and a 5-lever mortice deadlock to external doors is a basic requirement for most home insurance policies. Try and fit French doors and Patio doors with extra locks.
• Add some security lights, burglars hate spot lights, by fitting these around the outside of your home you could deter a burglar.
• Never leave a spare key outside your home, if you would like to leave out a spare key it’s best to leave it with neighbours.
• Buy a safe – you can then put all of your valuable items such as passports, gold, and cash inside.
• Fit an external letter box, as burglars can use these to put devices through, including extendable fishing rods and still your keys from the hallway. A good idea if you would like to keep your letter box is to move your home keys and car keys out of reach.
• Make sure you don’t announce your holiday departure on any social media sites, such as Facebook.
Try and join a Neighbourhood Watch scheme, to find out more about Neighbourhood watch in your area, then please visit their website @