How To Keep Your Data Safe On-Line

May 22nd 2014
By: Melanie

The latest bout of password hacking on popular auction site ebay, stands as a reminder of how careful we need to be when putting in personal data on-line, so we have created a quick guide to show the basics of how to stay safe when using on-line sites. If you have an ebay account and haven’t changed your password this week then you will need to do so straight away.

• One of the most important factors to remember is to make sure you use different pass codes for sites, ideally these should be a mix of capital letters, symbols, letters and numbers, such as K-e@epSa7E&931. It was predicted in 2014 that this would be the year of the pass code hacking, and they were correct.

Keeping a pass code book in a safe place in your home might be a good idea, but try and memorise codes that are connected to your financial affairs, just in case it gets into the wrong hands.

• If you receive an email from a company asking you to login never follow the link from the email, always go to the main site address to check. A good way to see if an email is genuine is to see if your name is at the top, and is sent to the correct email account where you have signed up for that particular site. If you are still not sure then contact the company through the contact part of their site to ask if the email is from them, emails scams are becoming more and more sophisticated.

• Never reply to junk emails as they will realise that the email address is active and will probably bombard you with twice as many.  

• Make sure that you use well known sites when making an online purchase.

• Always make sure that when asked to put in payment, that a lock symbol or the suffix https:// appears, otherwise it means that the page is not secure and any potential criminal will be able to see your payment details. Don't presume this is the case especially when booking accommodation.

Finally if you are unsure about a site then go to another, or call them directly to make sure that they are a bonafide company.

For our guide to how to keep your Facebook secure and Safe please follow this link, if you haven’t updated your privacy settings recently then the chances are that everyone can see your status.