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How To Increase The Price Of Your Home...

May 26th 2015
By: Melanie

As our homes are probably our largest ever investment we are always looking for ways to maximise our investment, so here are a few ways in which you can add value to your home:

1.  Adding a decent size bedroom - this can increase the value by up to 10%+ (this can be a loft conversion or extension)
2.  Extra bathroom - 10%
3.  Home buyers are prepared to pay an extra 34% to live in a period property

The prices above are based on national averages using Nationwide's recent survey, so if example you lived in London you could increase your properties price by 13.1%.

Other ways in which to increase your homes property are by renovating outdated bathrooms and kitchens, buyers will be expecting these to be in good condition, unless it is reflected in the price.

Another important factor is central-heating, their latest figures show that around 7.5% of homes still have no central heating. They state in their report 'the installation of full gas or oil heating will cost around £5,000 (electric £2,500) while the likely boost to a property will be around 15% or perhaps £15,000.'

Parking is becoming more of an issue, with a parking space adding around 8% to a properties worth, a single garage adds around 11.1% and a double garage will add around 20.4%.

Make sure your garden looks at it's best, if you are planning on selling in summer and spring then a well kept garden is much more important than in winter, and a well landscaped one could add as much as 10%+ to your homes value.

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Source: Nationwide