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How To Improve Your Outside Space…

July 9th 2015
By: Melanie

Big doesn’t always mean beautiful, it is possible to make even the smallest of outside spaces nice, you just need to spend some time planning it.

Most garden spaces or yards have a multitude of uses, especially if you have a growing family and limited space inside your home. So the first thing you need to do to improve your outside space is to plan - you can do this by either drawing a scaled plan of your garden on a piece of paper, using a garden design application on your smart phone or by creating an on-line 3D garden plan such as the one available on the Marshall’s website:

Here are our top tips to good garden design:

• As with most things in life, the key to success is in the planning, there are some really good magazines available selected for small garden spaces, so make a scrap book of ideas you like, if you can try and visit some RHS garden shows such as Chelsea or Hampton Court Palace –these are over until next year, but you can draw inspiration from their websites.

• Write a list of prioritises for you and your family - how much space will need to be dedicated for pets such as dogs, do you need a space to kick a ball around or is it too small? Would you like a covered space for outdoor gardening, or simply a pretty garden you can enjoy spending time in? Storage – will you need a garden shed for storage, a space to grow vegetables? These are the types of questions you will need to answer.  

• As part of the planning above you will need to work your gardens orientation, as this will have a huge impact on where you grow which plants, as some plants love shade/sun. This might also have an impact on where you place an eating area.

• Set a budget – re-creating a garden doesn’t have to be budget breaking, you can change the look a feel of a space just by painting the fencing a different colour for example, by adding paths of gravel, you can take cuttings from friends and family, and grow your new plants in your house. Check out this article on how to design a garden on a budget

• Be creative, even the smallest of outside spaces can be beautiful, use  vertical space as well, such as walls and fencing to enhance your garden. Walls of plants can look so attractive.