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How to get to grips with food labelling

September 3rd 2016
By: Melanie
How to get to grips with food labelling

According to the Love Food Hate Waste website, we are still throwing out 7 million tonnes of food per year, at a cost of £12.5 billion. They say that the average family could save £700 off their yearly food bill if they made a few changes to the way that they shop, how they store food and if they improved their understanding of food labeling. Here are the Love Food Hate Waste guidelines on how to understand food labeling:

The best before date is when a product might not be at its best – but its still safe to eat. If a piece of fruit or vegetable isn’t mouldy or soggy then you can still eat it. By taking these out of plastic bags will also prolong the life of your fresh fruit and vegetables.

The use by date – refers to safety – this means that if you use this product after the date, such as meat and dairy that it might not be safe to eat even if it smells okay.

The display and sell by date – you can ignore these dates as these are for the seller.

If you want to extend the life of some products you can even freeze them before the use by date, and if you defrost and use them within 24 hours they are still safe to eat. This works really well if you had planned to use some food for a meal and your plans change.

Other ways in which you can save money on food and waste is by doing the following:

• Make sure you keep an eye on portion sizes, this will help to eliminate waste.

• Write a shopping list and a menu, and stick to it.

• Avoid buying fresh buy one get one free items or BOGOFFS

• Avoid buying salad in packets unless you plan to use the entire contents in one sitting.

• Learn how to freeze food to make it last for longer.

For more tips and advice on how to save food waste and money please follow this link: