How To Get Rid Of Spiders From Your Home...

October 3rd 2014
By: Melanie

It seems as though our homes this year have been inundated with an unwanted guest, the common spider. A mild summer seems to have produced a bumper crop, and they are even larger than usual, with bodies ranging from 10mm to 16mm!
It's at this time of year when spiders are at their most active in our homes as males are looking to mate, so if you see them creeping across your floors and in the corners of your bathrooms you know why.

According to British Arachnological Society they are always in our homes, however it's at this time of year when they tend to move around more, that's why they are more likely to be spotted, and plus any outside are moving inside as the days get cooler.

So what is the best way to get rid of the common spider?

If you want to resort to a natural way of getting rid of spiders in your home rather than squishing, spraying them or putting them out of a window here are some natural things spiders don't like:


Spiders hate mint - fill a spray bottle with peppermint essential oil and spray it around your home. This will repel them naturally without hurting them.

Use Vinegar

This can be used in the same way at peppermint, add 50/50 water/vinegar to your spray bottle. Vinegar can be used in some many different ways to clean your house as well.

Keep your home clean

By cleaning the corners of your home, and getting rid of cobwebs on a regular basis will stop the build up of spiders in your home.

Clean up the outside of your home

If you want to discourage spiders from entering your home, then clean up any leaves, grass cuttings and wood piles that are in your garden, also clean your door openings, window sills and window openings regularly.


Rub citrus into your shelves, window sills, door openings and any where else you think the spiders might nest, this will stop them from hanging around.


Spiders hate the smell of chestnuts, by keeping a few on your window sills and in the corners of your room can help to drive them away.

Source: The Telegraph