How To Ensure That You Have A Longer Lasting Tree…

November 27th 2014
By: Melanie

There’s nothing worse than getting to Christmas day and finding that the needles have nearly all dropped, so we have put together a guide to how you can ensure your tree looks at it’s best for the Christmas season.
If you can try and leave your tree outside as long as possible in water, as bringing it into a hot environment will cause it to dry out. The types of trees that last longer are the Noble Fir, Normand Fir, Fraser Fir or the Lodge Pole Pine as they are low needle droppers.
Buying a tree with roots, usually ensure that it last longer as well, and when you buy your tree try to have a proper look at it, and avoid one that is already netted if possible as this will enable you to have a proper look and also when they are left in a net it results in the air not being able to circulate and this will bring on the early onset of decomposing.
Testing the needles of your tree is also really important, make sure they are a dark green colour and waxy to the touch. As with flowers, if you buy a tree without roots make sure you cut off the very end of the trunk to enable it to suck up the water from the container.
Also by keeping your tree away from draughts and direct heat can prolong it’s life as well as using LED lights.
Your tree will also need to be watered regularly, as it will drink around 1 litre of water per day.

If you would like to buy a British, sturdy and well cultivated tree this Christmas then look out for shops that are Members of the BCTGA (British Christmas Tree Growers Association). Not only will these trees probably last longer, they have also been sustainably sourced.