How To Dispose Of Your Leaves This Autumn...

September 23rd 2014
By: Melanie

If you have a garden with trees then this time of year we can find ourselves constantly battling against the endless amount of leaves we need to dispose of, but if used properly they can be a real asset to your garden.  So here are a few ideas on how to use your unwanted leaves in your garden this year:

Use a shredder:

This is a really good way of reducing the size of the waste of not only your leaves but also branches. Check out the Which? guide for the best shredders.

Just mow them

Leaves can give your grass vital nutrients for the winter months, but left whole they can also cause damage, so simply mow them and leave them on your grass, this will also help to prevent weeds from growing.

Create a mulch

You can either do this in a composting bin or in a black sack with holes, but make sure you do not add any other type of debris to the leaves, or it will prevent them from discomposing. Make sure the leaves are wet, if not wet them with a hose or watering can, as this will help them to turn into compost.

Add them to your flower boarders - you can also dig leaves into the flower boarders, just dig them in with a fork or spade, 6-8 inches deep and just turn over the soil. They will then decompose into the soil, making it nice a fertile for the following year.