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How to create the perfect Easter dinner…

March 29th 2018
By: Melanie
How to create the perfect Easter dinner…

With the Easter celebrations almost as popular as Christmas in the UK the pressure will probably be one to produce a delicious feast for you and your family, so here are a few tips to get you through a busy weekend. The great thing is that you can distract the little ones and big ones whilst your cooking by pre-preparing an Easter Egg hunt in your garden. 

  • Preparation is key. Make sure you find out what everyone’s preferences are and then create a menu. Choosing dishes and items that can either be stored in an airtight container - like macaroons - savoury ones are delicious as an appetiser, or frozen will really help you go to get ahead. 
  • Keep it simple - food doesn’t need to be complicated. A delicious homemade soup, from baked Butternut squash, and roasted cumin, mixed with stock, cream and some butter makes a delicious and cost-effective starter. Paté is also a really good starter, or fry some prawns in a frying pan, add some liquor of your choice, cream and parsley then serve. 
  • Slow cooked lamb is quite a traditional main course. Essex boy chef Jamie Oliver has a lovely recipe where it steams over 4 hours. Here's our twist on it: Prepare the lamb by cutting slits across the leg, stuff these with garlic and rosemary, then prepare around 12 onions, peeled and sliced into halves - then place them in your baking tray - use this as a bed to place your leg of lamb, then pour around 500ml of water in the bottom, heat the oven to 200, cook for around 10 mins then turn it down to 160 and cook for a further 3 hrs 50 mins, you might need to add some more water. Emptying out the juices to add to gravy around the 2hr marks seems to work well. 
  • Prepare your gravy - gravy is easy to make and delicious. Just use the juices from your meat, some red wine, bay leaves, pepper, salt, any leftover washed peelings and boil away for a while. If you are cooking the lamb recipe before you can add the onions, then sieve and serve, delicious. 
  • Pudding - chocolate mousses are the easiest thing to prepare. However, if you fancy a cake why not get the kids involved in the baking before the event.