How To Create A Happier Weekend…

February 24th 2014
By: Acquarone

Weekends always seem to come and go too quickly, especially when we have to incorporate social events, cleaning, and DIY so we have put some ideas together on how you can make the best of your weekends:
• When you arrive on a Friday night make sure that you hide all of your work paraphernalia as soon as you come through the door, this might involve turning off your PC and mobile for the weekend too.
• Try and do small bits of housework during weekday nights, such as washing, this will reduce the amount of time you will need to spend doing it during the weekend.
• Make your weekend mornings different from the week, whether it’s reading your favourite magazine, drinking your special coffee in bed, or a leisurely walk with the dog, try and take things a bit slower. If you prefer to be out and about then try going to your local market, to buy a few nice things for yourself or go to your local wine shop to choose a special bottle of wine. The most important thing is to try and carve out some time to relax.
• Rather than trying to fit in lots of activities, plan to one big event for the weekend, perhaps its tackling a big DIY project or inviting some friends for a dinner evening.

• If your children have to be taken and picked up from various events over the weekend, try and take it in turn with other kids parents to pick up and drop off.  
• Sunday night - plan out some positive things for the week, so that you don’t feel so bad about starting work again.