How To Create A Great Halloween Party On A Budget…

October 16th 2013
By: Melanie

The shops are decked to the rafters with Halloween paraphernalia at this time of year, and choosing what to buy and keeping the costs down can be a bit daunting. So we have put some ideas together on how you can create a great party for your children, but keep the costs down.

The pumpkin – this is an essential part of Halloween and most well known supermarkets will be selling them, but why not try out your local market, you might be able to get a better deal. Waitrose have pumpkin carving sets, which include a pumpkin for £6.50

Halloween Decorations – save money by making your own, buy black and orange card from your local stationers, on-line or from your local market, Saffron Walden has a stall that sells card at a very reasonable price, and print off some Halloween shaped templates from sites such as the Country Living, they have some great links to all different types of templates The kids will also enjoy making these. If you choose to make black bats, add their eyes with a metallic red pen, this will give them a menacing look in the dark.

Create a spooky corner – find a space in your home, a corner or empty cupboard, fireplace and so fourth to create a spooky corner, kids love to dare each other to go in at parties. Line the back of the space with large black bin bags cut into half to form sheets, then either staple or stick them to the back of your chosen space. Then add spider webs, these are readily available to buy on-line or you will also find them in most stores, and add some of your homemade decorations.  Then cover the front of the space again with black bin bags, decorations and spider’s webs.

Instead of buying plastic party bags and expensive toys, why not make your own toffee apples, these are relatively easy to make and ask your local florist or cake shop for some plastic to wrap around them, add an orange and black ribbon to the stem and you have a cheap Halloween alternative.

Give your room a chilling feel – by changing some of the light bulbs in your home to orange and black this can give a real Halloween feel, at a relatively low cost, you can also keep these for future Halloweens.

Halloween costumes – although there are plenty of costumes available in shops and on-line if you fancy making your own then try out this site they have all the basic templates from cats to bats.

The Party…

Party Games – some times the oldest games are the best, you can adapt some of the normal party games and make them feel spooky:

Musical Chairs – to add a Halloween twist to this game by downloading some spooky music

Apple bobbing – fill and bucket with water and add apples, kids love this game and it’s so cheap and simple (make sure you do not leave empty buckets of water unattended)

Put the eyes on the pumpkin – instead of putting on the donkey tail, add the eye/eyes to the pumpkin. Cut out a pumpkin shape out of orange card, or draw one on to a white card and ask blind folded children to put on the pumpkin eye, the one who puts it the closest to the spot wins a prize.

Guess the creepy crawly – decorate an old cardboard box, and cut a hole in the front, then put plastic spiders, jelly sweets and so fourth into the box, and then ask children to put their hands inside and guess what they are touching.

Dress the mummy – you will need a large supply of toilet and kitchen roll - divide the party guests into groups no smaller than two and give them a substantial supply of toilet paper. The object of the game is to try and turn one of the group into a mummy by wrapping them entirely in the toilet roll! The prize goes to the quickest or the best attempt.

Pass the pumpkin – this adds a twist to the normal party game, fill the pumpkin with sweets and each time the music stops the child can take a sweet, the last person to play gets to keep the pumpkin with the remaining sweets.