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How to cheer up your home this January

December 27th 2016
By: Melanie
How to cheer up your home this January

Blue Monday hits on the 19th January each year, it’s a day following the festive activities that the most amount of people tend to take off for illness each year. Our homes can feel a bit depressing and stark after taking down all of the Christmas paraphernalia, so how about injecting a bit of life into your home’s interior by giving it a mini, post Christmas make-over - it doesn’t have to cost the earth and could really brighten up your spirit, so here is our guide to brightening up your home this January.

• The best way to inject a bit of cheer into your home is to change your soft furnishings, such as cushion covers, these are really easy to make and quite inexpensive to buy.

• Give your home a fresh coat of paint.

• Tackle any unfinished DIY projects, there’s nothing more depressing than having these all around the home. 

• Buy some cheap prints, even use an old calendar to create some new wall art and then insert into frames.

• Bring a bit of warmth into your home by changing your light bulbs to warm emitting ones. If your missing the Christmas lights why not buy some wall hanging lights created from symbols and arrows.

• Buy a new rug in a warm colour such as a rich blue or grey/brown.

• If you have an open fire then light it – there’s nothing more warming than a beautiful glowing fire in winter.

• Create some homemade decorations for your home, not only can you have fun doing them but they will look great too.