How To Bring More Light Into Your Home?

October 3rd 2014
By: Melanie

One of the most important things for homeowners and buyers is having a lovely light airy space to live in. It's at this time of year when it starts to become more important, with the onset of winter comes shorter days and spending more time indoors, and with it our longing to harness as much light as possible in our homes.

Having a lighter environment generally makes a house feel warmer and more spacious, if we think about a dark environment, it conjures up thoughts of gloomy and small. Older styles of houses often suffer from lack of light, as they have smaller windows, lower ceilings and were generally not built to harness light, but just offer a practical way of living. It must have been really hard in years gone by when people had to live in dwelling such as crofts, with little or no light, and without even have proper electric lighting.

So if you live in a property which needs some extra light here are some ideas that might enable you to harness some more day light into your home:

* Avoid thick curtains, although they keep in the heat, they can stop valuable light from entering your home, if you do want to keep them make sure your curtain poles extend out from each side of your window, which will maximize the amount of light coming in.

* Painting your walls and lighter colour and keeping to light shades of furniture could also help.

* Clever lighting such as day light bulbs and ceilings with correctly placed lights will also help make a room feel lighter.

* If you have very small windows in your home, or only have them at one end, then try and introducing a sun tunnel, these can be added to flat and pitched roofs and will enable you to bring light into a room through the roof and into a room through a tunnel, the bottom of the tunnel represents a round looking light. For more information please visit Velux's sun tunnel page

* Another alternative is to use mirrors, if you carefully place these at an angle to your homes openings or on dull walls this could also help to refract the light.

* If you are thinking of replacing your windows and doors, buy ones that have the smallest frames, and a door with just one panel of glass.

* Another way to bring more light into rooms, is to add glass panels running above doors and along the sides, this depends of course on which walls are supporting or not, and it's best to get a structural architect to take a look before chopping out parts of your walls.

* Remove any foliage from the outside of your home if it's preventing light from entering.

* Clean the windows, it might seem obvious but having clean windows will help to maximise the amount of light coming into your home.