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How to bring bit of homemade cheer into your home this Christmas…

December 7th 2016
By: Melanie
How to bring bit of homemade cheer into your home this Christmas…

With only a few weeks left until Christmas the TV is packed full of festive programmes covering everything from Christmas food, homes and gift ideas. The programme that really stands out – mainly because of it’s homemade, and conjures up that cosy festive feel is Channel 4’s, Kirstie Alsops Homemade Christmas – offering viewers the perfect guide to transforming any home into a Christmas spectacle.

Here are two great homemade Christmas ideas:

Homemade crackers, shop bought ones, no matter how much they cost always seem a bit tacky on the gift side (which can be part of the fun) so by making them at home not only can you personalise them you can also add some lovely gifts. Here is Kirstie’s guide to making homemade crackers from

1. Cut a piece of luxurious and thick wrapping paper into a rectangle of approximately 30cm by 20cm.

2. Create a tear line where your cracker will break when pulled. Draw a line 10cm from each short edge and perforate each using a stanley knife or paper perforater to weaken it.

3. Glue the cracker snap to the inside of the 30cm edge before you roll it.

4. Roll your cracker using three cardboard rolls – old toilet paper rolls are perfect.

5. Remove the two end rolls, which were only used to shape the cracker.

6. Tie one end and add your gifts and mandatory cheeesy joke through the other end.

7. Go crazy with ribbon, bows, beads and jewels to decorate!

The Christmas tree - Kirstie says decorating a Christmas tree doesn’t need to cost a fortune, just a bit of creative flair, she says just adding one or two nice things will lift the feel of the tree. If your budget is stretched she suggests using a few candy canes to decorate the tree, as well as using red ribbon to decorate and hang baubles from the tree. Organic and natural products also work well – by adding a few cinnamon sticks, orange slices and a bit of colour with berries can transform a tree.

For more of Kirstie’s tree decorating tips please follow this link: