How to add a bit of luxury to your home in 2017 – this year’s top trends

January 23rd 2017
By: Melanie
How to add a bit of luxury to your home in 2017 – this year’s top trends

2017 luxury trends - last year we saw the introduction of broken-plan layouts, luxury kitchens with multi-purpose islands, the reintroduction of formal dining rooms, bathroom spa retreats and blending indoors with outdoors. This year it’s all about pet parlours, upstairs laundry rooms, adventure playgrounds, submerging swimming pools and games rooms with the latest audio system.

Upstairs laundry rooms are key for 2017, they provide homeowners with a space where they don’t have to trundle up and down stairs with the washing, as well as housing a washing machine and tumble dryer, drying cupboards are all the rage, as they dry clothes in a really fast time and crinkle free.

Pouch parlours – it’s true that dogs have always been called a man’s best friend, however home owners are taking this to a new height, creating a designated room, not a utility room or shed, where there dogs can enjoy the benefits of under floor heating, luxury dog beds, specially designated shower areas and heated lamps which can instantly dry them after a wet walk.

Adventure play grounds – forget the humble slide and swing set, it’s all about creating a children’s wonderland of large wooden play structures with inbuilt slides, swings etc.

Submerging swimming pools – these are growing in popularity as they are a great space saving system, as at the flick of a switch a floor can turn into a swimming pool and vice versa.

Top of the range audio equipment for your man cave or games room it’s not enough to have a pool table and large TV, now it’s all about streaming sound through multiple speakers from devices linked to Spotify or iTunes.