How much storage space should a home have?

January 28th 2016
By: Natasha

Our homes seem to be becoming more and more cluttered, but it is really our fault? Cheap imported goods has meant that we are just tempted to buy more and more – the result – houses full of clutter.

This isn’t the only reason why our houses are cluttered with things we don’t really know what to do with it’s because most properties in the UK are not built with sufficient storage, and although it’s one of the key factors that will make our lives easier, it’s not a top consideration when buying a new home.

So how much storage space do you need? It’s difficult to know, because there seems to be no set amount listed anywhere. It seems that the way most potential buyers work out whether there is enough storage in a property is to see if a house is cluttered, if it’s not then that usually gives the impression that there is sufficient storage. To calculate we could also use the technique of comparing how much storage space we have in our current property to how much is available in a new home.

One of the most important rooms for storage is the kitchen, as it’s the room where we need the most amount of space for food items, utensils and so fourth. We would suggest that a home with adequate storage would have:

• A cupboard to hang coats and put shoes or a pantry for coats, shoes, pets etc. or both.

• Cupboard space in the bedrooms, or somewhere to put a good-sized wardrobe and a chest of drawers – again there are no specific guides lines available.

• Bathrooms - hidden storage under a bath is quite useful, as small bathroom cabinets don’t usually store much, which means that we quite often have to have all of our personal products on show.

• A cupboard for all of the household spare bedding and towels.

• Storage space in a loft is always a bonus.

It seems that architects and home builders not only need to work out the minimum sizes of rooms in a home but they also need to calculate how much storage is necessary, as this is a very important part of making our lives easier on a day to day basis.