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How can I move up into a larger property?

June 6th 2017
By: Melanie
How can I move up into a larger property?

There comes a time when we all find ourselves growing out of our existing property, and in most cases this is due to an expanding family or the thought of having more space and perhaps a garden or a larger garden.

If you are thinking about moving up the ladder here is some advice from Intercounty’s team:

• Ask yourself if you are really ready to move. Make a list of the pros and cons to moving, because moving is an expensive business so you need to make sure you need/want to move.

• If you are thinking of moving because you need more space consider the options in your home first, is it possible to put on an extension or move up into the loft space or convert a garage, because making improvements is often cheaper than moving.

• This time around you will probably be able to be a bit more choosy but make sure that you create a list of aspects your home must have and would be nice to have.

• Plan ahead – think about your future so that you don’t need to move again –make sure your new home will be large enough if you choose to have more children or a career change.

• Make sure you have calculated the cost of moving up – if you need some help with this you can always pop into your local branch of Intercounty for a chat and we can work out some accurate figures or try our  budget calculator tool at

• Keep to your calculated budget – make sure you allow for the unexpected.

• Think about your new home – would you like a brand new property, one that needs doing up or an older home? Factor in costs such as decorating and if needed changing an outdated kitchen or bathroom, work out what you can live with in the short term and what you really feel will need changing.