House Hunting Deal Breakers...

June 7th 2013
By: Melanie

When thinking about selling our homes, most of us will have to do some kind of preparatory work to them before they go on the market. This can be anything from tidying up, de-cluttering, to finishing off those DIY projects. So we've put a list together of the biggest deal breakers when trying to sell your home:

Curb appeal: As most buyers decide whether they want to buy a home within the first few of minutes of visiting a property, tidying up the front of your property is a must. From making sure the windows and front door look in good condition to weeding and creating a welcoming home. If you have a flat with a communal hallway and it is looking a bit drab then it might be worth brightening it up with a coat of paint or wallpaper.

Unfinished/Bad DIY projects: These can be a big turn off to potential buyers, even if they are small, it will put a negative in a buyer's mind, and could possibly lead to not selling your home. So make sure you finish any half-done DIY projects or call in a professional to finish them off.

Gaudi paintwork/wallpaper: You may love the style of your home, and so may a few other buyers, but if you have a strong theme running throughout your home, this will limit your possible market. Try to keep your paint theme neutral, but not dreary.

Damp: Make sure you get rid of any signs of damp, if there is a leak you will need to get it repaired before putting your home on the market.
Kitchens and Bathrooms: If you have a kitchen or bathroom which is looking a bit tired, this is a real turn off to buyers, as the buyer will instantly think about how much it will cost to re-do the bathroom. Try to freshen up the appearance of your bathroom or kitchen, perhaps a re-paint, or changing old taps, could make all the difference. There are quite a few companies who supply new doors for old kitchen cabinets, or if your units are wood maybe think about spraying or painting them, and updating the worktop and handles.

Shower or Bath?: Most buyers will be looking at buying a home with a shower and bath, so if you don't have a shower over your bath, then think about investing in one, and a big negative to buyers is not having a bath at all. Carpet in the bathroom is also very unattractive to most people, so if you have carpet in your bathroom, consider replacing it with lino or tiles.

Untidy garden: As with preparing your home, if you have a garden then give it a tidy up, any uneven paths or paving will need to be dealt with and jet washed.

Dirty windows/Dark rooms: One of the most important things for a potential buyer is the amount of light coming into a room, if your windows need a clean; this could be cutting out a large amount of light, and could give your home a dirty feel. Maximising the amount of light is essential, so if your windows are obscured by large curtains or coverings change them for something that lets more light in.

An old carpet: If you have a carpet which is looking a bit dirty in places, then think about getting a professional carpet cleaner to come in and clean them. A thread bare carpet is a big turn off, so consider replacing an old worn out carpet, this could be quite a small investment compared the amount of money a buyer might want to knock off to replace it.

Pet and cigarette smells: If you have a pet make sure your home doesn't smell of it, again you might consider having the carpets cleaned if necessary, clear up and traces of dogs in the garden, and if possible try to keep them out of site when having a viewing. If you smoke in your home then it will probably smell of it and you might have to consider repainting as well as smoking in the garden until your property has sold.

Badly presented master bedrooms: If your master bedroom isn't presented properly this could turn out to be a real negative point to a potential buyer. Make sure it looks like a grown up space and keep it neutral, add cushions to the bed and bedside tables with lamps, think of modeling it on hotel room design.

For any more advice on how to prepare your home for sale, just pop into one of Intercounty's local branches, and we will be able to give you tailored advice on how to maximise your homes selling potential.