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Homes - Old Versus New?

October 23rd 2012
By: Melanie
Homes - Old Versus New?

Whether to buy a new or old home is often an important consideration when planning to buy or move. An older home could offer more space and a larger garden, depending on the year of construction. Older homes could be harder to insulate and are not normally well adapted for wheel chair use. However they do normally offer character, and original features which can be very appealing.
Some older homes especially terraced houses do not have off street parking, but they often have more curb appeal as they are more charming to look at than a newer homes. 
Unless an old home has been completely renovated there are probably on-going costs of repairing and maintaining your old home, which you will need to consider before buying.  Do you like DIY? If there is renovation to consider, many weekends and evenings might need to be spent to bring it up to a standard you can enjoy.
However an older home could offer you the opportunity to put your own creative stamp on your pad, as well as adding value to your property.  
If you are thinking of buying a new home, you will receive a 10 years NHBC build warranty and 2 years customer care warranty as standard. It is usually possible to move straight into a new home without having to consider doing any additional building work.
New homes offer a blank canvas and have been created for modern lifestyles, with the latest home technology. They have to meet the latest building standards, including good insulation, resulting in lower energy bills.
However with land being at a premium, especially in the South of the UK, an average new build tends to be slightly smaller than an older home. Garden sizes can also be very small, especially if you are considering a growing family, so you might feel as though you have been squeezed into your living and out door space.  If looking at a long-term investment it might be harder to add value to a new home.
At the end of the day when choosing your new home, you probably need to think about your budget and availability in your chosen area, and then review both old v’s new with your own personal set of requirements to suit your individual lifestyle and taste. If you are unsure about which type of property would suit your needs, why not pop into one of our branches for a chat with one of our staff who will try and help you make the right decision.