Homemade Gift Ideas For Dad...

May 29th 2014
By: Melanie

Father’s day will be soon upon us, and there is nothing as nice as creating a homemade gift for Dad to celebrate this special day, so here are a few homemade gift ideas for you to make at home….

Personllise a mug or plate …

Create a personalised mug for Father’s Day, all you need to do is to buy some ceramic paints and a plain porcelain mug and create your own personal design, these kits are available on-line or you can buy them from most toy shops.

There are also various venues across Essex where you can create and bake your own porcelain such as Ceramics on the Hop – based in Writtle, Made by you studio in Leigh on Sea and Happy Hand Pottery.

Homemade Shaving cream…

You will need:
1 bar moisturizing cream soap/1 normal bar
Distilled water
Olive oil
Caster Oil
Essential oils of your choice
Metal mixing bowl
Air-tight container
Shaving brush

1 bar of moisturising cream soap and 1 normal bar of soap

Then grate the two sopas into a stainless steel bowl.

Add 1 tbsp of Olive oil and 1tbsp castor oil to the bowl.

Add the distilled water to the bowl until the soap becomes sticky. Put the pan onto a low heat and continue to stir in the mixture, when the water begins to evaporate it will start to thicken. It’s at this stage that you will need to add some essential oils such as orange and clove, a few drops at a time, until you achieve the correct sent.

Then pour the thick liquid into a ceramic bowl to clear and leave to for 24 hours before scooping into your air-tight container, and decorate with a personalised label. To use, dip the shaving brush into the container and rinse each time.

Chill and Tomato chutney

We found this recipe on the BBC website, and we feel it would be great gift for Father’s Day

·  500g red onions, finely sliced
·  1kg fresh tomatoes, chopped
·  4 garlic cloves, finely sliced
·  8 - 12 fresh red chilli's, roughly chopped
·  a thumb-size piece of ginger, peeled and chopped
·  250g brown sugar
·  150ml red wine vinegar
·  5 cardamom seeds
·  1/2 tablespoon paprika

Place all of your ingredients into a large, heavy-based pan and bring to a gentle simmer, stirring occasionally.

Simmer for 1 hour.

Using a handheld blender, blend all of the ingredients, but not so much that it becomes a puree.

After simmering, bring to a gentle boil so that the mixture turns dark, jammy and shiny.

Place into sterilized jars and place in the fridge for the night. Will keep for 6 weeks.