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Homebuyers Spend 33 Minutes Looking At A Home Before Buying…

September 4th 2014
By: Melanie

Are you the type of buyer who knows when you walk over a door’s threshold that you want to buy a property? It’s hard to quantify what makes us want to buy a new home, it could be that all illusive ‘feeling’, or perhaps its style and size, its location or it might be because it offers an ideal investment opportunity, what ever it is we usually know quite quickly into a home visit.

Despite the fact that a new property will probably be the most expensive investment we will ever make, a typical homebuyer spends just 33 minutes looking around property before buying it according to new research.

The research carried out by Aviva implies that recent snap buying decisions have been prompted by a buoyant housing market – this of course depends on where a property is located in the UK; properties in commuting distance to London and in the City do tend to sell much faster than other areas.

The research also found that those buyers who have bought a house in the current housing market spent less time viewing a property than a few years previously. However looking at the figures, the average time hasn’t really differed that much over the past 20 years, with potential buyers typical length of time spent before buying a new home being 39 minutes.

Interestingly Aviva have also revealed that home buyers are having to spend more money than expected on the cost of repairs, around £1,000 per property. They have placed a help page on their website to help give them an estimate of how much repairs will cost to a new home

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Source: Mail online