Home-Buyers Demanding ‘High-Tech’ When Looking For A Property…

June 14th 2013
By: Melanie
Home-Buyers Demanding ‘High-Tech’ When Looking For A Property…

The Channel 4 programme ‘Grand Designs’ has been hitting our screens since 1999, giving Briton’s the taste for high-spec glossy interiors and the latest home technology.

According to a new survey by Aviva, top on the list for home-buyers are homes that come with latest entertainment systems, underfloor heating and Smeg/Miele appliances, surprisingly these added luxuries are becoming just as important as a living in a good school catchment area for some buyers.
Does this mean that we are turning into a nation of home snobs? Probably not, buyers just know what is important to them and recognise it, en-suites were still seen as a luxury in homes until very recently, but are now seen as a necessity in a family home.  Demand has meant that more and more estate agents are creating property listings detailing ‘high-spec’ interiors.

Aviva’s research found over half a million properties listed for sale in the UK are now described as having ‘high-spec’ interiors, and that ‘ambience’ is still an important factor for anyone considering buying a home, this is specified in two percent of the five million listings analysed.

At Intercounty we realise how important this aspect is to potential buyers so make sure that our listings always have ‘high-tech’ interiors as a search option.

Photo taken by: Dom Crayford