Heading For The Beach This Summer We Check Out Some Of The Best Parasols/Sun Tents On Offer..

July 31st 2013
By: Melanie

Long gone are the days when we only had the option of taking a flimsy parasol onto the beach, in the past few years the UK market has been flooded with all sorts of sun protection paraphernalia, so we have decided to have a look at some of the cheapest and most expensive tents and parasols available.  

One of the cheapest sun shelters is the Gelert Beach camping holiday travel pack shelter, unlike some of the newer tent designs this comes with tent poles and has 3 securing points, it has a single skin so probably doesn’t offer any UV protection and is quite small, and no zip up front, so probably not the best alternative if you would like protection for the whole family, although it has had some really good reviews. The RRP for this is £9.95.

The next tent we looked at was the LightSpeed 27075-CE Sport Shelter 3, it has a side-pull hub system, making it easy to assemble, it is large enough to house to large reclining chairs, or a family of four quite comfortably, it also has window panels, allowing the air to pass through and it is made from SPF 50+ material, offering UV protection to your family. The RRP is £49.15.

The SKLZ 8FT UV telescopic dome, is a tent umbrella, light-weight and easy to assemble, anchorage stops it from being blown away on windy days, and the height enables beach lovers to sit on chairs comfortably underneath. We found this on an auction site, normal RRP is £89 but at the moment one seller has it on offer for £34.99.

The Abo Gear Summer Habitat Family Gazebo in Blue available from is one of the largest beach sun tents on the market, and it has the same easy-assemble side-pull hub system as the LightSpeed. It can house up to five people, is light-weight, offers UV protection and easy to assemble and put down, it has fully screened doors which can also open with front zipper if you would like privacy. The RRP is £129.00

Featured is the Abo Gear Summer Habitat Family Gazebo.