Have You Ever Thought About Visiting Your Childhood Home?

January 17th 2013
By: Melanie

Many people think about visiting their childhood home, or have visited the place where they grew up, as they find delving back into their past an exciting prospect.
Google maps, street view provide the perfect portal to view a childhood home easily, which might have led to the increase of people going back and looking at the place where they grew up as kids.
According to Esther Sternburg, rheumatologist and author of  'Healing Spaces: The Science of Place and Well-Being', ‘there is a kind of memory which focuses us on a place', and visiting a previous home can lead to disappointment, as quite often the house doesn’t live up to people’s memories, in terms of size, appeal, and their memory of how it used to be.
So how do we go about visiting a childhood home? The best way is to approach the current owners, explaining that you used to live in the property, and then if your initial visit is well received then try and arrange a mutual time when you can make a visit.
When one of our team went to visit their childhood home, they just turned up and asked whether it would be possible to look around. The owner of the house was pleased to meet a previous occupant, and showed them around the house and garden straight away, she asked them lots of questions about when they had lived there, and what age they had been.
Apparently the house was exactly how they remembered it, but much, smaller, the garden seemed to be a mile long at the time they last saw it at aged 9, was actually really short.  However, they were delighted to see that the Wendy house, which their Dad had built almost 15 years before, was still standing, and little had changed to both the house and the garden, but everything seemed as though it shrunk in size.  
After visiting their childhood home they felt more content with living in their present home, as their memory of the place wasn’t as good as they had remembered it as a child.  
If you have visited a previous home, or would like to, we would love to hear your comments, so why not share them with us on our FB page.