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Haunted Essex this Halloween

October 23rd 2017
By: Melanie
Haunted Essex this Halloween

With not long to go until Halloween we thought we would have check out some of the most haunted places in Essex.  Most of the myths and sightings come from its deep and colourful history from the Roman invasion to the gory life of Henry VII.

Borley Rectory – is widely known as one of the most haunted houses in England. It’s said to be plagued by the ghost of a monk and nun who fell in love and subsequently died for their sin. Although this Victorian mansion was destroyed by a fire in 1938 the reputation lives on.

Hedingham Castle – This battement has over 900 years of history etched into its stones with the Norman Keep being the place to find several ghosts. Each year the castle hosts a Halloween event and this year it’s running from 29th October – 31st October – you will be able to enjoy a spooky stroll through the woods and ancient castle, followed they say by ‘a spine tingling tale told by flickering candlelight.’ For more information please follow this link

Colchester Castle – this is one of the oldest towns in history, and within any old town comes a wealth of tales and intrigue. Colchester castle is one of Europe’s largest Norman Keep and was built on the foundations of the ancient Roman temple of Claudius. The Romans adored our feline friend the domestic cat and there are many buried around the Roman grounds as they believe that they brought good luck – so it is said that the soul of one of these cats still roam the site.

There is also a tragic story associated with this castle. A Quaker, James Parnells is said to have been imprisoned for his religious beliefs is said to have died in the castle prison. During his time in confinement it is said that his captors made him climb a rope to fetch his food, during one of these times he fell to his death. They say that his ghost now haunts the dungeon.