Harvest Festival...What Do I Need To Give?

September 17th 2014
By: Melanie

Harvest festival is traditionally known as a feast of vegetables, celebrated by our schools and churches each year around the 23 September, or the full moon that occurs as close to the summer equinox. In the USA and Canada they have special day bank holiday day just to celebrate the summer harvest, unlike the UK.

Harvest festival has been celebrated since pagan times, and gives children and families the chance to bring goods that have been harvested locally or to give what they can from their store cupboard.

Some families choose to make up baskets of food that can contain anything edible, these could be items you are not planning on using to things you have grown on your own, to something you have bought in a supermarket or local market. A typical store cupboard basket could contain:

Tea Bags
Baked Beans
Rice and so fourth

The Bring Home the Harvest competition, in partnership with The Telegraph and Tesco, are looking for extraordinary people young and old who are getting their communities actively looking at ways to contribute this harvest festival.

As well as offering a community prize, where the winners will become 2014 Harvest Heroes, there will also be a general competition for who can create the most inspiring new harvest celebration, one for children 10 and under and one for children ages 11-18. For more information on how to get involved this year please visit their website.