Harlow - one of five best places for commuters

September 1st 2016
By: Melanie
Harlow - one of five best places for commuters

Four out of ten people renting would move away from the M25 area in order to get onto the housing ladder, according to a new survey by the National Landlords Association.

Harlow has become an increasingly popular place for London’s ‘Generation Renters’ as they are enticed by cheaper property prices and a thirty-minute train commute to Liverpool Street station. The town also has some excellent schools, a varied selection of local and national high street shops and great recreational facilities.

The town of Harlow has also been included in the five best value places for commuters by Home and Properties as it’s among the towns that offer great value and city-style comforts.

Property prices have increased by 23% over the past two years in Harlow, however the cost of buying a property is still much more affordable than buying in the capital. A flat in Harlow costs an average £151,721 and a house £256,313, whereas according to Right’s Move’s latest survey the average flat in London could achieve £492,707, whilst some semi-detached properties have fetched as much as £622,611.

Home and Properties also stated that Old Harlow is pretty, offers a good selection of country pubs, and has a large amount of parks and nature reserves dotted around the area. Although the new part of Harlow is not as attractive as the older part, property prices are still good value for money and buying in Harlow would be a good place to consider for those people looking at getting on the property ladder.

The top schools in the area are Burnt Mill Academy (seniors) and Jerounds Community Junior School are Ofsted “outstanding”, and nearly all of the other schools were rated as being ‘good’.

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