Harlow Landlords – Stay In Touch With Tenants

December 14th 2020
By: Intercounty
Harlow Landlords – Stay In Touch With Tenants

In the current climate, it is important that landlords remain in regular contact with their tenants. At Intercounty, we are here to assist you as best we can. We help local tenants and landlords, and we stay in touch with the latest national studies. This should help you to better connect with your tenants during this trying time.

New YouGov data paints a gloomy picture of how renters have fared during the coronavirus outbreak. The pandemic has forced one in twenty people who rent (5%) to move since March.

According to research carried out by YouGov, 5% of tenants have moved since March. Amongst young people, classed as people aged between 18 and 24, there has been greater upheaval.

Many tenants have moved property because of the pandemic

21% of tenants in this age group have moved rental property during the pandemic. 20% of tenants have claimed Housing Benefits or Government assistance since March.

19% of tenants have relied on Government assistance to meet their rental payments. 9% of tenants have had an application denied or didn’t have the option to claim Government assistance. 7% of tenants were unaware that assistance was available to them.

11% of tenants say they have received financial support from their parents, guardian or other family members. Unsurprisingly, this is higher for the 18 to 24 age group. 18% of this age group have received support in this manner. 17% say they were declined assistance or did not have this option available to them.

Many tenants need financial support at this time

Of the entire market, 6% of tenants have borrowed money from family members or friends to meet their monthly rental payments. For the 18 to 24 age group, this figure is 13%. Also, 15% of this age group were not able to ask for their help or their request was turned down.

5% of tenants have received a temporary rental fee reduction during the pandemic. 11% of tenants requested a rental fee reduction but had their request turned down by their landlord. 20% of tenants said they were not aware they could ask for a rental fee reduction.

Only 1% of tenants received a permanent rent reduction which is scheduled to last to the end of their tenancy. 13% of tenants were refused a reduction of this nature, and 22% were not aware they could ask for a permanent rent reduction.

Renting in London has been tough for many tenants

16% of tenants say maintaining rental fee payments has been fairly hard while 5% say it has been very hard. In London, tenants are finding the situation tougher. 20% of tenants say it has been fairly hard maintaining their rental payments and 6% say it has been very tough.

12% of tenants have fallen behind with their bills because of the pandemic and 6% of tenants have missed rental payments.

For the age group between 25 and 44, 19% have defaulted on their bills while 10% of the 45 to 54 age group have missed rental payments. By contrast, only 2% of mortgaged property owners have failed to pay their bills or complete their mortgage payments.

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