Great Dunmow – Towns Are In High Demand

December 11th 2020
By: Intercounty
Great Dunmow – Towns Are In High Demand

There is no denying how we have dealt with the pandemic, and the lockdown period, has shaped how we look at life. The property market is just one of the areas which has seen a significant change in buyer demand.

People are now looking for larger homes, but they want to live in areas with more space, and with fewer people. It is likely remote working will be commonplace as we move forward.

Buyers are looking for more space and welcoming communities

This creates the opportunity for people to leave cities, and live in more rural settings.

With a population of around 10,000; Great Dunmow falls in the category of areas that have experienced the biggest uptake in interest of late. This shouldn’t be surprising given everything which has taken place this year.

There is significant demand for homes in smaller towns these days

We have experienced this at first-hand. We have dealt with many clients recently, all looking for a home in an area they believe is the perfect setting for them. We have also seen the national statistics which confirms what we have seen for ourselves.

The headline issues offered by Rightmove are as follows:

  • Areas with populations of under 11,000 saw the biggest uplift in buyer searches in September, as people look to move to smaller places in the countryside

  • All of the places where searches have doubled are small towns, villages and civil parishes, in contrast to searches being up 53% on average across the ten biggest cities

  • Similar trend for the number of sales being agreed by estate agents, with sales up 179% in Dartmouth in Devon and 170% in St Ives in Cornwall

This change in buyer demand makes sense

Rightmove’s Director of Property Data Tim Bannister, explains; “Back in May when the market reopened in England, we wondered how long the desire to move to the country or to smaller towns and villages would last. It’s clear that this short-term shift has turned into a medium-term trend, as our data is showing that home hunters looking at what’s available are also turning into serious buyers putting in offers.”

Tim continued by saying; “There are a number of likely drivers of this change, some buyers are now more willing to have a country commute a few times a week, and others are preparing for social distancing to be here for quite some time yet, and so are being drawn to places with more outdoor space. Housing markets in some of the biggest cities are still busier than this time last year as the quiet life definitely isn’t for everyone, but they’re not seeing the same surge as these smaller areas.”

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