Getting the kids on board when moving

July 23rd 2018
By: Melanie
Getting the kids on board when moving

Moving home can be an anxious time for everyone involved especially for children if it comes from a breakdown in a relationship, or if they have to change schools and friends. One of the scariest aspects for kids is the unknown, so the best way to tackle this is to explain and listen to them about any concerns they may have. Make sure that you tell them as soon as possible so that they don’t overhear you talking about it or find out from someone else. 

If you are having to tackle moving with young children then why not turn it into an adventure, pick out the highlights of the move and start to plan out their space in the new property. If you have room for a playroom then plan with them how you are going to design the space or what toys they are going to have to play with. If they are going to have their own bedroom then discuss how they would like it laid out or decorated if possible. Buy them some new bedding for the move and if they have a favourite cuddly toy then get them to explain what’s happening to them to their toy. 

A primary school age child will probably have different concerns. Visit the new property with them if you can, show them where their bedroom will be and point out any highlights such as a bigger garden and so forth. If they are changing schools see if they can spend a day in their new class, the unknown is always much scarier than the reality of moving schools. 

It’s the same for older children, especially when they are at secondary school age. But this age group needs to be tackled slightly differently. Talk it over with them and see how they feel about a move. If they are moving away from their friends this can be especially difficult and you might find that they have some resentment about a move. Try and encourage them to write down their worries and concerns if they don’t want to speak to you. Plan of some trips to see their friends or offer to have them stay with you in the holidays when they move, so that they have time to find new friends and adjust to the situation. A child of this age can often find a move easier if they have a new pet such as a rabbit or kitten to help take their minds off things.