Getting Fit - Forget Joining The Gym, And Do It From The Comfort Of Your Own Home

December 19th 2012
By: Acquarone

After consuming all of those mince pies, turkeys and Christmas puddings, most of us will be thinking about joining a gym this month, but why spend money on gym membership when you can lose weight and get fit at home, at a fraction of the cost. The costs of joining a gym can start from £30 a month, and up to 40% of gym memberships are never used, so we have researched how you can get fit at home.

If you are looking at investing in a home gym then take a look buying it from second hand community freebie site such as Freegle, Freecycle and SnaffleUp and put out emails to say you're looking out for exercise equipment. Search regularly and you might get lucky. Another option is to swap your own unwanted exercise gear for some different sports equipment using websites like SwapShop and Swapz.

Skipping – this is a great way to loose 200 calories in 15 minutes. All you need is a rope and a high ceiling. Once you’ve perfected the basic moves, you can make your workout more interesting by involving the family and by adding jumps.

Housework – Cleaning the house can burn off hundreds of calories, from washing up, vacuuming and ironing, any housework will help you to get fit.

Stairs – these are great for cardio and leg excercises, run up and down them a few times every day, and you will soon notice an overall improvement in your fitness.

Exercise games – these are a great way of the whole family joining in to excercise. The PC, Xbox, Playstation and Wii, all offer fitness software. Last year’s top exercise games are ‘Your Shape’ – Xbox 360, and Zumba 2 Fitness Wii.

Exercise DVD’s – if you can motivate yourself, these are a very good way of excercising cheaply in your living room. There are all different types of fitness DVD’s on the market from aerobic, ballet, yoga, pilates, ballroom dancing, to bite size exercise routines for busy lifestyles. Every year Davina McCall, and a host of well known celebrity’s bring out fitness DVD’s. The latest fitness DVD’s are Ballet Fitness with Nicky Mc Ginty for £10.99 on Amazon and Burn at the Barre also £10.99.

If this isn’t enough to give you some motivation to get fit at home, then why not check out your local community centre, to see what exercise courses they have on offer, as sessions are often much cheaper than joining a gym.