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Get Your Home Ready For A Spring Sale...

April 8th 2015
By: Melanie

If you are preparing your home for a sale this year then you will need to make sure that it looks its best, there are various ways in which you can do this, which don't need to cost the earth, but might just take a bit of time.

Here are our top tips for preparing your house for a sale:

Clean and declutter:
First of all think about is cleaning and decluttering your home especially if your home is cluttered with personal items.
Get rid of any items you haven't used for the past 12 months, by either putting them on auction sites, taking them to charity shops or by holding a garage sale.
Throw any items away that are broken or damaged.
Make sure your windows and surfaces are all clear and clean.

Inspect your home:
Make sure that your home doesn't have any plumbing leaks
Fix any damage to walls, such as scrapes and knocks
Check for any signs of insects or rodents
Damp patches can really put off potential buyers, so make sure you have any issues sorted and cleaned.

Get rid of bad odours:
If your home smells of dog or cigarettes then you will probably need to have your carpets and upholstery cleaned, as covering up with deodorizing spray doesn't always completely work.
Fill your home with fresh cut flowers, the smell of freshly baked bread can also be really enticing for buyers.
Neutralise your space:
If your home is dominated by bold statements and coloured walls buyers will find it harder to imagine themselves in your home. If you do have any brightly coloured walls consider repainting them a neutral colour or using a paler colours in a matt finish.

Finish any repair or DIY projects:
If you have any half completed DIY projects then make sure these are finished before you show your house to potential buyers. There is nothing more off putting than a whole list of items which will need to be put right, unless of course this is reflected in your selling price.

Create a warm welcome:
The first thing your viewers will see when they visit is the outside of your property. Make sure that your front garden is well maintained and that any loose or flaky paintwork is taken care of.

Stage your home for a viewing
Create a show house experience for your potential buyer. Move furniture into a different position to better show off the space in a room, lay your table, put on lights, including bedside lights, make sure the house feels warm and clean.

If you need some help on preparing your home for the property market then call one of our experts on 0844 8111090. We will be happy to help!